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PARKS Blue-Light-Filtering Glasses: Protector in the digital age
PARKS has been engaged in the production and manufacturing of glasses for more than 30 years. Since 2003, PARKS has transformed from a traditional glasses manufacturer into that of multi-media glasses, such as camera glasses, MP3 glasses, radio glasses, thin and light Bluetooth glasses by combining electronic technologies. Winning various international patents, PARKS also produces professional glasses with specific functions, such as high barrier and high transparency blue light glasses, light and ergonomic 3D glasses, x-ray proof, laser-proof, and other medical glasses.
The Design House of PARKS is fully experienced to integrate with other electronic technology industries, implanting the technologies in the design of glasses to create all kinds of comfortable, beautiful, and useful electronic glasses.
Released in 2013, PARKS blue-light-filtering glasses have been certified by Industrial Technology Research Institute, Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, M.O.E.A., and SGS. Effectively obstructing blue light, the glasses are inevitable protectors for smartphone addicts because they not only can reduce direct harm of the blue light to the eyes, avoid the eyes from being blurred by the radiating screens, and relieve the eyes’ fatigue, but can also prevent the dryness and discomfort of the eyes caused by the blue light, keep the eyes moisturizing, and increase the contrast and sharpness of the colors so that the users can read more easily