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About Us


Uni-Parks Technology Co. has produced/manufactured traditional glasses for 30 years. In 2003, by combined traditional glasses with electronic technology, Uni-Parks won many patents.

In 2009, Uni-Parks returned to Taiwan from China, focusing on functional glasses and multi-media glasses, and creating exclusive products for the world with its own expertise. For example, Uni-Parks produces thin and light Bluetooth glasses; high barrier and high transparency blue light glasses; light, oversized, ergonomic 3D glasses; sportswear glasses with replaceable lens that fit Asians’ face shapes; 3D glass for projectors; glass polarized glasses; X-ray proof or laser-proof, or other medical glasses.

The Design House of Uni-Parks is fully experienced to integrate with other electronic technology industries, implanting the technologies in the design of glasses to create all kinds of comfortable, beautiful, and useful electronic glasses. Uni-Parks welcomes cooperation with other professional groups to create more products.